To start a Myanmar luxury trip, you should know 11 things about the country below:


  • April is Myanmar’s Tet holiday



Tet holiday of Myanmar people is called Thingyan that occurs on April annually. This holiday often lasts 4 days and in that moment, all shops and stores will close. People will throw water into another to wipe out the bad lucks and guilt of the previous year.


  • Internet is no longer banned but very slow


Until 2000, people in Myanmar are allowed to use Internet with the expensive cost and low connection. The telephone fee is also higher than that of other Asian countries


  • Wonderful beaches



Myanmar has 2000km of seashore line, in which there are the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The beaches stretches long Bengal bay with the hidden beauty. The most famous beach is Ngapali, far from Yangon capital 45 flight minute


  • Bring many cash and keep it clean


Because there is few ATM in Myanmar, you need to bring lots of cash. Also, you should keep it so clean without the stain, crease or hole. If have, that cash note will lose its value.

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  • The sound of kiss for beer order



When catching the waiter’s attention, Myanmar people will create the sound like the sound of kiss. Normally, they will blow a kiss 2 or 3 times. That’s reason why you will hear the sound of kiss everywhere on the streets of Myanmar.


  • Expensive hotel


The price of hotel in Myanmar is quite high compared to the standard one in from European to Asian countries. Since Myanmar opens, more and more tourists visit the country but lots of hotels are under construction so they cannot meet all the great number of visitors. However, the extremely expensive price is still kept.


  • Men wear dress


The traditional costume of Myanmar is longyi, a kind of dress rolling around the body for both men and women. Men often tie a pieces of cloth in front why women fold it up and fix the cloth.


Many men wear underwear and if in the rural atmosphere, they will not wear anything. They said that it is the good way to deal with the temperature of 40oC.


  • Eat with the right hand only


Eating with the left hand is considered as the rude behavior as the left hand is used for personal sanitation. Therefore, remember to use the right hand when giving someone money or hold something.

Myanmar people will roll the rice into small pieces and eat with other dishes.


  • Poor quality train


Train service is pretty poor. The train moves quickly and comes late. At night, the temperature is very cold while the daytime is very hot.


  • Newspaper stalls’ appearance on Yangon capital


With many years of information news limits, the media is the only way for Myanmar people about the workplace


  • Chew betel leaves



Chewing a betel leaves is the daily hobbies in Myanmar. You will see the dense betel selling stalls. They want to dye the teeth into the red brown

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