If you go by motorbike, it just takes you about 4 hours to arrive Cat Tien along national highway 20 towards Dalat. Until the km 125, you will turn left into Ta Lai street and go more 24km. Cat Tien National Park is located in three provinces including Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc. It is far from Ho Chi Minh city and Dalat city about 170km.

This park is the great eco-tourism site in the southeast region. Moreover, it has many rare species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. It also has imposing natuaral landscapes and vestiges of ancient culture. Here are the interesting experiences that you will naver forget:

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Trekking through the forest

The long and difficult trips in Cat Tien such as the flora garden, Tuong hill, Bat Cave, White stone hill that are far from the center tens of kilometers are the idea destinations to experience the form of trekking. Tourists can walk along the short-cut or though the forest. Thoses who lack the experience of walking in the forest can hire a tour guide in the center to support and ensure the moving. The price of hiring the tour guide is about 150.000 dong (equivalent to nearly $8) per day.

Visting by bike


In the afternoon in Cat Tien, the atmosphere is very cool and fresh. Tourists can have a chance to emerge themselves into the airy space and enjoy the nature. Riding a bike around the short routes, tourists can sightsee the amazing beauty of the hundreds-year-old fir or cycad tree. Tourists will have to pay 150.000 dong (equivalent about $8) for renting a bike per person.

Sightseeing the kingdom of crocodiles

Bau Sau is the place which attracts tourists in the first sight because of its picturesque beauty. The primary forests surrounds the swamp, the purbinhfhyacinth flowers mix with the green water and blue sky, creating the fanciful landscape.

Beside the enjoyment of the natural picture, rowing on the swamp to sightsee the crocodiles is also the very fascinating experience. On the wood boat from wharve of Kiem Lam house, tourist will row through each area of the swamp to explore a variety of crocodiles. Specifically, it will make tourists freaking out when witnessing the scence of crocodile swimming near the boat or rasing his head to nibble.

The price of renting a boat for visit is 160.000 dong ($8) per person. Each boat can carry maximum of 3 persons.

Camping overnight


At night, the space will become more quiet so tourists can hear the sounds of the heavy rains, the wind and insects clearly. Tourists will have unforgettable moments with their families or friends when going camping overnight in Cat Tien. Tourists can prepare the tent or contact with the reception to rent and its price ranges from 80.000 dong ($4) to 100.000 dong ($5).

Visiting the nocturnal animals

With the service of sitting in the convertibla car, tourists can have a good chance to see many interesting scenes such as the deercorgrazing grass, boars finding their food or weasels jumping from the tree branch to another to find the ripen fruits. The idea time is from 7 p.m to 9 p.m when there is no rain or moon.

Each car can carry the maximum of 10 persons. Each tourist will have to pay 50.000 dong (about $2,5).


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