Galle is one of the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that belong to the small and beautiful island of Sri Lanka. This is one of the best places in Asia if you want to discover the culture, history and especially architecture where East meets West as the city used to be ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British. Combined with the pretty coastline, Galle is bound to be on your travel bucket list should you are planning to visit Sri Lanka. Let’s take a look at some of the highlight places that you should see when in Galle Dutch Fort.

1. All Saint’s Church

Founded in 1868, the quaint All Saint’s Church is a typical display of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture. Its sanctuary is all made of teak bringing in from Myanmar and arches are carved beautifully in timber.


2. Fort’s walls

The old fort’s walls are now the Rampart Rd. that encircles the city. An afternoon walk here after going around the city will give you a fantastic sunset.


The fort wall with the British Clocktower in the background

3. Galle Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Galle is visible from almost any spots inside the fort. Built by the British in 1839, Galle Lighthouse is about 6 meters above the town and about 8 meters above sea level. It is also Sri Lanka’s oldest lighthouse and an iconic site within the Dutch Fort.

Lighthouse, Mosque and colonial buildings, Dutch Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

4. National Maritime Museum

Sri Lanka has a rich maritime history and there are many interesting things that you can see in the quaint Maritime Museum including artifacts found by underwater explorations. These artifacts are maps, earthenware, smoking pipes, beer mugs, naval craft, artillery guns and sailor shoes. The oldest of these dates back to nearly 800 years ago.


5. National Museum of Galle

Although you may find out that this is not the only national museum in Sri Lanka, The National Museum of Galle is the oldest remaining Dutch building in Galle fort. It used to be a single storey colonnaded Dutch building built in 1656 and houses a collection of exhibits from Portuguese, Dutch and British periods.


This is just a short list of places we think that you must see in Galle Fort. However, if once you are there, you will truly feel the ambiance and unique characteristics of the old city, and at that time, every building will be just beautiful.

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