Perhaps Laos lacks the warm ocean breeze that most Southeast Asian countries possess, but this land-locked country make up by sensational landscape and pure natural beauty. Here are 8 natural destinations that you should consider visiting while in Laos:

1. Khong Lor Cave


With the length of 8 kilometers, Khong Lor Cave is famous for the 20 meter wide underground river running through it. The cave’s ceiling is more than 50 meters high from the river surface. Here visitors can leisurely paddling through the mysterious ambiance of the inner chambers. Apart from the sheer size, Khong Lor also amazes visitors by gigantic stalagmites and stalactites.

2. Kuang Si Waterfall


It would be a flaw to staying at Luang Prabang without taking a visit to Kuang Si Waterfalls. The great flow of the waterfall helps creating a system of lakes and vertical streams underneath. Here you can submerge yourself in emerald waters. Kuang Si Water can be visited all year long.

3. Mekong River


Mekong is Southeast Asia longest river with the total length of 4.350 meters. Initiated from the Tibetan Plateau, it flows through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and finally meets the ocean in Vietnam’s territory. In Laos, travelers can enjoy spectacular scenery on both sides of the river on a luxury Laos cruise.

4. Khone Phanpheng Waterfall


Moving towards the southern island of Don Khong, near Mekong River, visitors will be able to enjoy the wonderful Khone Phapheng Waterfall, the greatest waterfall in Southeast Asia. In rainy season, the rising water level extends the width of the waterfall to about 10 kilometers. Within its vast area, there are thousands of islands and countless waterways, hence the name Si Phan Don or “The 4,000 islands”. It is advised to come here during dry season due to safety reasons.

5. Nam Ou Canyon


Dubbed as The Grand Canyon of Laos, Nam Ou offers a fabulous voyage through 448 kilometers from Phongsaly Province to Luang Prabang. On both sides, you can witness the imposing mountain cliffs, interrupted by picturesque rural villages. Nam Ou is also a shelter of over 84 species of fish, 29 of which are endemic. There is also the opportunity to visit Pak Ou Cave, where hundreds of Buddhist statuettes shelter.

6. Tat Somphamit Waterfall


Also known as Li Phi, this waterfall is believed to be where the souls of demons are trapped. However, the landscape here is nevertheless beautiful, highlighted by the 800 meter bridge connecting Don Det and Don Khon.

7. Khoun Kong Leng Lake


The lake is located in a relatively isolated area, 30 kilometers north of Khammuane. The water here is crystal clear as it is “naturally cleansed” by layers of limestone surrounding the mountain. It is swimmable here, plus you can walk along the trail circling the jungle.

8. National Biodiversity Conservation Area of Nam Et Phou Louey


Located in the far Northeastern Laos, this is one of the most valuable National Biodiversity Conservation Areas of the country. Many endangered species are living within the area including tiger, Sambar deer, Northern white-cheeked gibbon, banteng… Nam Et Phou Louey covered a total area of 4.229 kilometers square, spanning across 3 provinces. In Nam Nern Night Safari, you can also take part in many exciting activities such as bird-watching, tracing wild animals in the dark, searching for medicinal herbs or hiking…

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