Travelling is fun as it helps you forget the hustle bustle of daily life and gives you the freedom to explore the world. Travelling different parts of the world is certainly an enriching experience. You get to learn the culture of local people, taste their food and feel the bond of humanity across the world. However, visiting a foreign country requires preparation. Some countries are very beautiful, but not so safe.

So, here are some tips for tourists who like to travel alone. Follow the suggestions mentioned below for a safe tour.


Always check before you leave: Travel can be very distracting and many people forget their belongings while leaving a hotel or café. Hence, before you leave a place, check the area to make sure that you have everything that you carried from home. Sometimes forgetting small things like a handkerchief or a hat can be very problematic, especially if you are in a hot and humid country.


Stay at a reliable resort: Most people book resorts online these days as it saves time and money. When you book a resort in a foreign country, read the previous customers’ reviews to select wisely. If you love to visit forests in India, then booking a Tadoba resort is a good idea.

Keep money in different places: You need to carry cash as well as cards while travelling,but don’t keep everything in your purse. Otherwise, you may get in trouble if someone steals your wallet. Even the most wonderful tourist destination may not cheer you up if you

don’t have enough money to enjoy. The best thing to do is keep some cash in your wallet and some inside your backpack. You can also keep some cash in your socks to make sure that you are never out of money.

Scan important documents: You need to carry ID proofs, tickets and many more documents while visiting a foreign country. It is a good idea to scan all the necessary documents and upload them in cloud storage. This way, you can retrieve your documents even if you lose the originals. Just access the cloud storage using a smartphone or PC and take printouts.

Stay away from strangers: You may meet a few local guys and they can help you discover the culture of the place you are visiting, but don’t get too friendly with them. You can never be too sure about the real motive of a stranger. Don’t drink or eat something they are not

having, but request you to try.

Don’t show how rich you are: If you are coming from USA, then it is quite obvious that you are richer than average Indians, but don’t show off as it will attract criminals. Did you bring a costly camera to capture the wildlife? Great, but when you are not using it, keep

the camera inside your bag. Don’t carry the camera around your neck just to prove how wealthy you are.

Don’t be too adventurous: If you don’t know something, then avoid learning something new in a foreign country. For example, learning Jet Ski in a foreign country is not a wise idea. If you get hurt, you will not be able to enjoy the tour.


Avoid using credit cards in internet cafes: Many people visit an internet café and you never know whether the person sitting next to you is good or bad. He may see your bank username and password when you type the details in a website. It is better to connect your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi network of the resort you are staying. This way, you will be able to use credit cards in various websites, without losing your confidential information.

Enjoy your tour and remember these tips while travelling. Have a safe journey!

Author bio: Jenny Richards is a professional wildlife photographer and she stayed at Tadoba resort last year to capture some great hotographs of wild animals. She likes to share travel tips to help tourists enjoy their trip.

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