Kon Ka Kinh National Park has the total area of 41.780 ha, lies in the North East of Gia Lai Province, about 50km from Pleiku city. In 1986, Kon Ka Kinh National Park was chosen to the list of special used forest to conserve the tropical forest with conifer trees. In 1999, the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute establish the project of construction of Kon Ka Kinh Natural Reserve in conjunction with Birdlife International. In the meeting of Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental in ASEAN held in Myanmar in 2003, Kon Ka Kinh was recognized as heritage forest of ASEAN.

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Bird Watching is favorite activity for visitors in Kon Ka Kinh

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Beautiful waterfall

Kon Ka Kinh is mainly primary forest with some vegetation types: type of evergreen forest, type of moist subtropical forest and type of mixed coniferous and broadleaf forest – the unique type of Kon Ka Kinh.

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The rangers are observing the animals in Kon Ka kinh National Park

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Because of the diverse of the weather and terrains, Kon Ka Kinh has so plentiful plants and animals with 38 species of rare animals and other endemic plants in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Besides the diverse of plants and animals, Kon Ka Kinh plays an important role in protecting the watershed of major rivers that supply the irrigation of thousand hectares of coffee and pepper, and drink water for people in two districts: Gia Lai and Kon Tum. In the West of the National park is a part of the hydroelectricity Ya Ly.

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Diverse and typical animals in Kon Ka Kinh

Standing on the top of Kon Ka Kinh (about 1.748 meter) to look down, visitors can feel the spectacular scenery of Truong Son Mountain, enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere, and the beauty seems to sketch in front of the visitors: the mountain is covered with clouds, the waterfall flows with white foam and the birds sing to call each other.

Coming to Kon Ka Kinh National Park, visitors can immerse to the environment of minority group in the Highland center with traditional festivals as wedding festival, bumpers festival and buffalo scarify. The park is well known for its diverse ecosystem conservation and an fantastic place for tourism for taking rest or doing research.

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