317km from Phnom Penh capital city to the North, Angkor Wat Temple complex was built by King Suryavarman II in the mid-twelfth century to worship the god Vishnu of Hindus. The Cambodian monarchy changed into Buddhism in a few centuries later, Angkor Wat was used to be Buddhist’s worship place.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 1

Overview of Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat – “Temple Capital” lies in the middle of jungle. It carries a mysterious beauty with sophisticated features carved on the walls and statues of 1700 Apsara dancers illustrated vividly … Angkor Wat is the pinnacle of emotions. The temple faces to the west, therefore, travelers often go there in the afternoon when the sun brightly shines all temples.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 2

Angkor Wat’s corridor

Angkor is a population of more than 100 stone temples, monuments, bas-reliefs and spacious corridors made from stacked large stones having very natural appearance. This is a splendid architectural achievements and shows a very high degree of spatial geometry.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 3

Angkor Wat Temple

In this architectural ensemble, AngkorWatTemple is the largestandgreatest. This templeis the combination of the mountain temple architecture-typical of the ancient Khmer. At the same time, it reaches the peakin terms ofart, architecture and Khmer’s visual arts as well as the largest monumental scale among all the temples in Angkor Age.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 5

Magnificient Angkor Wat

The entire architecture of Angkor Wat was all made up of the very large green stone, 1m x2m put together, then carved motifs, bas-reliefs to record the old tales which the experts say these stories derived from the Indian epic: Mahabharata and Raymana.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 6

Architecture of Angkor Temple

Design of Angkor Wat is very balanced and beautiful. It is located within a large citadel’s wall wide up to 83.610m2. The stone wall is 8m high and 1meter thick, with five giant tower, the main tower is 65m high, four sub-towers is 40m high. Each tower has the appearance of a blooming lotus flower.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 6

Solemn Angkor Wat Temple

The road to Angkor Wat is the long stone bridge crossing the lake surrounding the temple. Outside the entrance has stone lion statue, two sides are carved seven-head Naga snake Deity.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 8

The entrance to Angkor Wat

The Temple area is 1,400 m long from South to North, and 800 meter East-West. However, it does not make people feel strange or stuffed because the area is very spacious. A wide and deep moat runs around externally, the vast space is filled with lotus flowers to make the atmosphere absolutely pleasant in Angkor.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 9

Lotus flowers in Angkor

Angkor Wat’s surrounding moat is 190m wide and it makes a 1.5km long square. There are also many stair to step from above to reach the water.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 10

The moat surrounding Angkor Wat

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This is the only temple in Cambodia having the main entrance in the west, the direction of the sunset.. this layout brings visitors the majestic feeling because the massive temple prominently appear on the glare of the sun especially in the sunset.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 4

Beautiful Angkor Wat

 The main temple area consists of 398 rooms with stone carvings art on the ceiling, corridors, balconies, and columns showing the extraordinary strength and skillful hands of the ancient Khmer. All these art carvings go with vivid bas-reliefs and delicate decorations perfectly match with the balanced and solemn design.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 11

Delicate carvings

 The Angkor Wat Temple in Angkor Architectural ensemble is recognized the World Cultural Heritage comparable with the Great Wall of China, Taj Malhan in India, the Pyramids in Egypt.. This has had a positive impact on tourism of Cambodia. Angkor today is no longer a “dead city”. It is even more crowded and bustling than the prosperous period ( with a few hundreds of thousands inhabitants). Nowadays, Angkor Wat welcomes millions of visitors each year and becomes the soul, the proudly cultural symbol of Cambodia – Temple’s country.

Angkor Wat – the precious pearl of Cambodia 12

Angkor Wat attracts tourists all over the world

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