Bagan – one of the most ancient cities in Myanmar, was the capital of the country names Pagan. Because of the pious tradition to Buddhism, Bagan has more than 4000 temples and pagodas with the age over hundreds years. Bagan brings private Myanmar holidays to visitors with many interesting activities. The following suggestion is something you should not overlook in your private Myanmar holiday.


Bagan is a well-known place for 4000 pagodas and temples

Visit the pagodas

Locates in the middle region of Myanmar, Bagan was the capital of the land Pagan from 9th to 13th century. The place has the largest number of pagodas in Myanmar, even visitors are not Buddhists, the first places they visit in Bagan are the pagodas. There are some main pagodas in Bagan, which still conserve their architectures, are attractive place for visitors. They are Ananda Phaya pagoda – the best-preserved and most intact pagoda; Dhamma Yangyi pagoda – one of the largest pagodas with the sharp of a pyramid; Shwesandw pagoda – the best place to enjoy the landscape of sunrise and sunset in your private holiday.

Capture Bagan from air balloon

The most unique and exciting tourism service offering in private Myanmar tour is air balloon travel. Although the wonder of hundred year pagodas and the beauty of the nature can be noticed by every visitor, the best place to capture the landscape of the historical land is from an air balloon, in which Bagan looks like a small and sophisticated picture with opposite shades of colors. From the height of hundred meters, visitors can feel overwhelming while looking the picture by their naked eyes. At the time of sunrise and sunset, the moment when these pagodas are covered with honey sunlight will be memorable to everyone.


The air balloon floating in fog makes Bagan a wonderful picture.

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Use local transports

Why using local transports in Myanmar stays in to-do list of many visitors? The horse cart can answer. With normal speed, horse cart is suitable for visitors to enjoy the sightseeing, breath fresh air and talk to local people. The only thing visitors should notice to avoid misunderstood is price discussion before travelling. There is another way to enjoy the beauty of the city is riding bike. Visitors are free to move and rest at any time.

Try local food

In Bagan, food is cheaper than that in other places. Bagan cousin is suitable for many tastes from different countries. Myanmar curry, fish with lime sauce and tee leave salad are high-lighted in food lists of many visitors. Tee and beer are served during the meal.


In Myanmar, food is put in a dish or small bowl and served simultaneously to visitors

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