You have decided to go for a hunting trip to Africa. Now, you need to purchase a rifle. Do not make decisions in hurry as you may land up in wrong investment. Hunting in Africa is all-together a different experience. Before, you purchase a gun for African hunting trip, you should know the basics of rifle in order to draw enjoyable hunting experience.

Look at The Basics
Africa is a continent, which is dry, hot and mostly bright sunny. It signifies that a purchasing a gloss finished rifle will be a wrong decision. Any gun that gleams, is the wrong choice for conducting an African hunting trip.

You have to buy a rifle that has packetized or matt finish on metalwork and telescopic sight and either oil finished, dullish wood stock.

Guns fitted with long barrels can also become problematic for hunting in Africa. This is because you will spend most of the time to carry it on your shoulder. A long barrel reflects more than short one and sticks up higher.

Here is a solution
One way for getting over such problem is to fall into habit of carrying long barreled gun in muzzle down position.

It is equally great idea to put piece of insulating tape at the end of barrel for keeping out dust.

Advantage of Short Barrel

Short sized barrels help at sharp pointability and fast target acquisition.

Major Categories of Rifles That Are Legalized In Africa

You can find single shot action rifle, which are popularly known as falling block. These products can be straight away discounted as being far from ideal indentation of being too slow for reloading.

Other guns include the bolt actions, under lever actions and the popular double rifles made by famous companies based in Germany and Holland.


All action type rifles are ideal for hunting in Africa although many with lever guns rarely sport suitable calibers for dangerous game species. They should be discounted for dangerous hunting sessions.

Blot action guns are popular selection of hunters on worldwide basis. Straight pull blot rifle is the best choice for left handed shooters because right and left handed bolts are often used in same gun.

Nature of Double Rifle
Double rifle, although a little on heavy side is a pleasure for owning and use. This kind of gun can be used for specialized hunting purposes.

You can use this gun when you are engaged in dangerous hunting game that involves dealing with close range. This rifle provides faster second shot than other models.

Factors You Should  Keep in Mind for Choosing High Caliber Rifle
When you are selecting high caliber rifle, the factor that needs prime attention is the recoil property. You should not purchase a rifle, which you cannot learn to shoot competently and confidently.

If you lack confidence from firing a shot, then you have to think of purchasing a smaller caliber gun or consider a gun having muzzle brake. You can look for additional features like tungsten bead or mercury coil recoil arrester that helps you to fire shots with ease.

These are the factors, which you should keep in mind for purchasing a rifle for African hunting trip. Once you have purchased the right rifle, it will be a wise idea to practice shooting for gaining confidence and accuracy before you carry it for your hunting mission.

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