Conical Hat of Vietnam has a long history. Since ancient times, this kind of hat was present in the daily lives of the people of Vietnam. Conical hat is a symbol of Vietnam, is the traditional objects and popular all over the country. The conical hat appeared in Vietnam in the 13th century, in the Tran dynasty. Since then, these hats always stick with the people of Vietnam as a shadow. First, a hat and utensils are “pragmatic”. It is used when rain and sunny.  Although there are many kinds of hats, but its general ethos is broad-brimmed (against hot) and slope (for fast drainage, rain). In addition to coping with the natural environment, hats also aims to beauty, grace for women and in accordance with the aesthetic sense of Vietnam: a subtly beautiful, discreet. Under the hat, eyes, smile, dimples, the pale girl’s neck seems to be adhered to add charm, but equally discreet charm, etc.

Conical Hat, which exists long time ago, one rustic symbol of traditional culture of Vietnam 1

Image of Conical Hat

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Usually conical hat is made of kinds of leaves, trees such as palm leaves, straw, bamboo, leaves and trees, leaves lake, etc. Generally conical hat has shape of slightly pointed at top. Passing time, conical hat has many changes in shapes and material.  Modernity, strong foreign woman combined with conical hats, rustic, gentle girl Vietnam, creating an alluring beauty and a feeling a lot of emotion.

Conical Hat, which exists long time ago, one rustic symbol of traditional culture of Vietnam 2

Image of foreign tourists with Conical Hat

Conical Hat, which exists long time ago, one rustic symbol of traditional culture of Vietnam 3

Image of “Hue” women with Conical Hat

With Hue women, conical hat poem is always a companion. In everyday life, hats with Hue women are very close. The hats are not only functional rain and sun, but a woman Hue also use it to make containers, vehicles and higher fan of all functional beauty, contributes to add charm women Hue. Each hat has a separate soul, a particular meaning. At anywhere, from the remote jungles, vast field, along river and sea long, conical hats are found eternal unchanging.

Nowadays, conical hats of Vietnam are famous all over the world. When foreigners come to Vietnam also want to buy this item as souvenir. Conical hat is also seemed a rustic jewelry which brings the traditional culture of Vietnam.

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