Dalat is the homeland of flowers, green pine hills and most imposing waterfalls of Tay Nguyen. One of these waterfalls is Dambri whose name hides many special things about the faithful love of K’Ho ethnic group.

The meaning of the waterfall’s name

Maybe you feel curious about its name. According to the legend, the waterfall’s name is the name combination of poor man, Dam and a young woman, H’bi from a rich family of K’Ho ethnic group. They loved each other but H’bi’s father did not allow them to be together. Therefore, her father pushed Dam to go very far without the hope of return. However, H’bi still waited for him from this year to another. When she misses her lover, she went to the forest to cry for him. Finally, her tears turned into Dambri waterfall running all days and nights as if it is the remark of faithful love of the young couple. Since then, Dambri waterfall means “waiting”.


Bao Loc tea field on the road to Dambri waterfall


Gate to Dambri tourism site

Location and ways to Dambri waterfall

Dambri waterfall is located on Bao Loc district, Lam Dong province. It is far from Dalat city about 100km and Ho Chi Minh city 200 km. When going to Bao Loc commune, there is the guideline to the waterfall. From there, tourist just need go more 18km through gardens of tea and coffee on the two sides of the road. Right after reaching Dambri tourism site, tourists can clearly hear the sound of the running waterfall.

Dambri waterfall is in the area of 330ha in width, including primeval forest, tourism site, two small waterfalls named Dasara and Da Ton along with village of Chau Ma ethnic group.


Gorgeous beauty of Dambri waterfall


Dambri waterfall with colorful rainbow


Dasara waterfall is far from Dambri about 500m

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What draws many tourists’ attraction is Dambri waterfall. There are three roads to the waterfall. Firstly, tourists can go along the concreted road to go down the foot of waterfall and then go through the forest. Thus, we can fully discover diverse fauna and flora of Dambri.

Secondly, there is a lift of 50m in height parallel with the waterfall to enable you to sightsee Dambri from the upstream to the foot and enjoy the cool feeling from the water jets shooting out of the waterfall.

The third way may be the most interesting because tourists can use the modern slide system holding two records which are the station of highest departure (12m) and Southeast longest mountain slide (1650m). This system has been operated since 2010. Each slide has two seats and hand brake to adjust the speed.


Sliding down to the foot of Dambri waterfall

Interesting things to do in Dambri waterfall

When going to the waterfall foot, definitely everyone will be surprised at the gorgeous beauty of the legendary waterfall. From the height of 60m, in dry season, the waterfall gently runs down like a soft silk or the young woman’s hair. However, in the rainy season, the waterfall roaringly runs down among the forest as the despairing cry of H’bi for her partner.

More importantly, after comfortably taking photos, tourists can enjoy the tasty cups of pure coffee of Tay Nguyen right at the shops in the foot of waterfall or enjoy the cool atmosphere when riding the duck boat arounf the large lake of the tourism site.

In the evening, tourists also take part in the gong exchange night of Chau Ma ethnic group to burn fire, dance and enjoy the grilled meat, drink “Can” wine (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes).


Riding the duck boat in the lake in Dambri tourism site


The gong exchange night of Chau Ma ethnic group


Supermarket in Dambri tourism site (mainly sell coffee and tea – specialties of Bao Loc)

Currently, Dambri waterfall has the system of retaurants and hotels, supermarket, coffee shops, souvenir shops to serve the tourists’ needs. Living among the forest to sightsee the beautiful and imposing waterfall as well as to learn about the typical culture of Tay Nguyen ethnic groups will make the trip more meaningful and memorable.

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