Hang pagoda locates at the center of Chua Hang town, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province. It is far from Thai Nguyen City about 3km following the north, at the left of highway 1B from Thai Nguyen to Lang Son. The pagoda has several specific characteristics of mountainous region so it was chosen in the collection book of 100 typical pagodas published in 2011. According to legend, this is the ancient pagoda from XI century and has been ranked National level landscape since 1999.


Hang pagoda also is called “Kim Son Tu” or “Tien Lu Buddha Cave”. Here have three large stone mountains which are independent on flat land. The middle mountain of threes is “Black Tortoise”, it is very tall and stable. The other two mountains are “Azure Dragon – White Tiger”, they are also tall and majestic. Three mountains have 1000m in length and about 2.7ha foothill area.

This pagoda appeared in Ly Dynasty in XI century, when Buddha period was most prosperous. This pagoda has a legend that in the spring morning in 1022, King Ly Thanh Tong told his wife, Nguyen Phi Y Lan about his dream, in which King was taken by Buddha to the spiritual land in Dong Hy, Thai Nguyen. Then, his wife traveled to there immediately. After realizing the charming landscapes, gigantic mountains and vast caves, she demanded to build Buddhist pagoda in the large cave. Maybe the name of “Kim Son Tu” was appeared from that but people often called it “Chua Hang” because the pagoda was in the cave.


In the pagoda there are two giant statues “Good – Evil” on the elephant and tiger. Going more in depth, the cave is larger. There are many stalactites on the roof, many big stone pillars standing up against the cave arch. Around the cave many stalactites jut out into altars and attractive uncanny objects. The cave has many nooks, the way to the heaven, the way to the hell, the front and back door. The climate in the cave is so fresh, warm in winter and cool in summer. Incense smoke always spreads to make the pagoda blur and become more mysterious.

Following the plan, this pagoda would be built and restored to distribute into five zones including protected zone of all caves, stone mountains with total 2.7ha area; central spiritual zone including eight constructions as Tam Bao major shrine, forefather church, Hoang Phap hall, Bao tower, steeple, space floor, three-internal room, three-external room. At the right of the pagoda there has a special training monastery, charitable social center, large area to serve festival. Total investment cost is about 500 billion VND from socialization source.


With all of inherent historical value and inner wishes of Buddhist priests and local people, in recent years, many Buddhist priests, unions, enterprises make great contributions to building the pagoda. Hang pagoda has a nice position as in the back of the pagoda is mountains and in front of the pagoda is Cau River. Construction of the pagoda is building and as soon as will be completed to preserve the spiritual cultural heritage, increase value of it. With the tremendous value of ancient heritage, after being renovated and expanded, Hang pagoda would become a major Buddhist center in Thai Nguyen and an attractively spiritual tourism area.

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