About 40 kilometers from the north of center of Tuy Hoa city, Da Dia belongs to Phu Yen Province. These recent years, Da Dia is outstanding among Phu Yen landscapes because of its natural and awesome beauty.

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 1

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 2

Magnificent view of Da Dia Rapids that would not upset any visitor comes here

Formation of the Da Dia Rapids

Da Dia has the total length of 200 meters and width of 50 meters. From the mountain, the rapids lies on the crystal and deep blue water is a unique place that visitor could not overlook. The most special thing of the place is hexagonal pieces of stone sticking together to form a structure as a gigantic beehive. The natural black beehive is made after an eruption of the ancient volcano.

The hot lava was shank into cold water immediately rifted and formed the hexagonal forms. After hundreds years, the waves cover the stone and make it twinkles under the sunlight. Going to the foot of the rapids, near the sea level, visitors can meet a natural cave that only reveal after the tide. Sitting on the gate of the cave to watch the sea under your legs or the beautiful beach far away would be an memorable experience to any visitor.

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 3

Hexagonal pieces of stone form a structure of beehive on the surface of water

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In 2010, the old soil road leads to the Da Dia Rapids was reconstructed. The visitor can easily follow the asphalted, clean and large road to visit the rapids. The tourism is developed because of the clean environment and convenient service for ones coming here. Besides, travelers can go to Mang Lang Cathedral near Da Dia Rapids to enjoy the peace of small villages under the shadow of the trees.

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 4

Small round boats for one people are mostly found on Da Dia Rapids. They go fishing for themselves and sometimes sell for the restaurants nearby

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 5

The cathedral near the rapid is also a good place to take a look

Discover the natural beauty of Da Dia Rapids 6

Small restaurants floating on the water are destination of many visitors after a day visit Da Dia Rapids. All of their dishes are hot, tasty and especially fresh!

After visiting the places, visitor would like to come to the restaurant nearby to call a cold cup of beer with fresh and raw seafood. With a small amount of money, you can have a meal with boiled craps or shrimps and special soup of the region.

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