Cao Ngan is a commune in Dong Hy district, at the north of Thai Nguyen City, far from central city about 3km. When you have a chance to travel to Cao Ngan, do not mind enjoying specific rolled pancake (called as stuffed pancake) at a roadside restaurant. If anyone has a chance to enjoy egg steamed rolled rice pancake in Cao Ngan area, they would not forget the sweet taste of broth, soft stuffed pancake and greasy soft-boiled egg.

Egg steamed rolled rice pancake in Cao Ngan 1

Stuffed pancake is the most popular dish in each morning in Cao Ngan and whole people in Thai Nguyen. It is not like stuffed pancake in Hanoi because the unique peculiarity is in the sauce. Instead of the usual sauce, local people enjoy with quiet sweet broth. The dish includes 2 – 3 thin stuffed pancakes, an egg and pork rolled with betel leaves instead of usual pork-pie. These things are not only nutritional enough, but also suitable in the winter.

According to a bartender, with 15 years of experience, rice what is made into pancake is the delicious locally. It could be kept for several days without being sour. Rice is soaked for about two days to become softer to husk. Flour water is usually decanted so pancake is always soft and tough.

Egg steamed rolled rice pancake in Cao Ngan 2

When guests come, the bartender quickly scoops a little smooth flour on the pot. At the time, stuffed pancake has just done to a turn, she immediately lifts it out, roll with ground meat, wood ear and cuts into a few pieces to a bowl. After about 2 – 3 turns like that, she beats an egg on the pot, cover it about 30 seconds to be soft-boiled. Then, the bartender puts into the bowl, souses broth and adds some pork rolled inside the betel leaves, herbs, fried onion. Finally, there has completely an egg stuffed pancake bowl to enjoy.

Sauce is the viscid broth, fat taste but it is still quiet sweet in the tongue. That pancake bowl could not be delicious without fried onion and a little herb. The interesting thing here is that local people do not enjoy it with fresh lemon or chili because when using these items would loss natural sweetness of the ingredients. In return, the bowl is filled by pork, egg and unmistakable spice.

Those who are living far from their hometown always remember delicious stuffed pancake. Specifically, in the cold winter, if they had stuffed pancake bowls, they would feel sweet taste of broth, egg taste melting in their own mouth, delicious piper polot pork and soft stuffed pancake. That is the deep nostalgia. With crossing guests, when they visit here, they will once enjoy it to feel and impress simple food soul of local people in this area.

Egg steamed rolled rice pancake in Cao Ngan 3

In addition, there has one more choice to enjoy stuffed pancake like in Cao Ngan, it is in Quan Trieu ward which is near central city. Stuffed pancake in Quan Trieu is very good and worthy to enjoy with quality not inferior in Cao Ngan with suitable price that is about fifteen thousand dong.

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