Recently, Myanmar has become a famous destination attracting a lot of international tourists, including Vietnamese. However, the transport infrastructure in Myanmar still has many drawbacks, especially the airport. Below is some useful information about bus in Myanmar that we want to share with all of readers


Travel by bus

It is common for tourists to use bus in Myanmar for traveling simply because other means of transport such as airplanes or trains are inconvenient for them to book tickets as well as their presence in famous tourist destinations

Traveling to Myanmar by bus is the simplest way to go around Myanmar and move from the well-known place to another without any difficulties. Bus services in Myanmar are provided by different agencies with the equal quality. Thus, tourists will have many options for this kind of means of transport

Long-distance bus

In the large cities such as Yangon, Mandalay or Bagan, the long-distance bus stops are quite far from the center; however, tourists can book the tickets online via the websites of bus agencies or intermediate services. In addition, tourists can ask the hotel to book the bus tickets

Tourists can buy the tickets at the stop but they should book in advance for the popular bus routes in Mandalay, Bagan and Inle lake. Specifically, if tourists use the bus in Myanmar in the peak season from November of last year to April of nex year or during Thingyan festival (New Year festival in Myanmar), it is necessary to book the ticket in advance

The fare ranges from 6000 to 30.000kyat according to the distance tourists want to go. The bus in Myanmar is normally faster and cheaper than the train. However, the long-distance bus routes often starts from 4pm to 10pm and arrives in the next morning

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Local bus


Parallel with the bus service for traveling, the buses for local people are very common. Normally, these buses are crowded and tourists will find more difficult to move if using the service. The most important advantage of the local buses is much cheaper price than the travel buses

Notices when using bus services for traveling to Myanmar


Almost travel buses serving tourists are new and modern as they are imported. However, in some places, some buses might have no window with the poor quality

Almost travel buses in Myanmar have no toilet inside but some drivers will actively stops after 2-hour movement so that tourists can take a rest, spend a penny and get some snacks

Tourists using the bus services will be provided a free bottle of water

At night, it is very cold inside the bus because of the air-conditioning so tourists should prepare a coat to cover. The bus will provide with the blankets, also.

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