If you want to know about the culture, arts and history of local people when traveling to Myanmar, visiting Mandalay will be a great choice. With over 142 years of existence, Mandalay has quite a lot of historical relics, monuments and pagodas. You can see the famous tourist destinations in Mandalay in the below list to get the details:

Maha Myat Muni pagoda


Maha Myat Muni pagoda also called Mahamuni is the famous destination in Mandalay. In the pagoda, there is the most long-standing Buddha statue in Myanmar. The statue with 4 meters in height was casted with 6.5 tons of bronze. On the crown of Buddha is decorated with sparkling rubies and diamonds. Later, many Buddhists contributed to gilding the gold layer of 15cm on the Buddha statue. Thus, tourists will realize that the statue will not look the same as it used to be

Mandalay hill


In the luxury Myanmar tour, if you can see Mandalay hill from the far distance, it will mean that you are so close with Mandalay because the hill with 230 meters in height is the most out-standing landmark of the city. On the hill, there are many watch towers for people to take a rest and sightsee the beautiful dawn in the early morning or the sunset behind the mountain top. Moreover, tourists will see two lion statues guarding stately in the southwest of the hill foot

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Mandalay palace


One of the famous destionations in Mandalay for tourists to find out the history of the city is Mandalay palace. This work was built as the King Mindon’s order after deciding to move the capital city from Amarapura to Mandalay in 1861. The palace location is a careful consideration basing on foreshadow and astronomy. Although it was destroyed in the World War II, Myanmar government restored Mandalay palace.

Mahar Aung Myay market


Long time ago, Mandalay was famous for 3 things that are gems, pagodas and Tek wood. Therefore, if traveling to Myanmar, you should not miss Mahar Aung Myay market. It is the world’s largest gem market from bracelets, earrings, necklace faces to Buddha statues. Tourists will sightsee lots of unbelievably splendid gem blocks. Besides, if you like, you can buy some small gem pieces or statues as souvenirs during the tour

Kuthodow Paya pagoda


On the hill foot of Mandalay, Kuthodow Paya pagoda is the place to conserve the world’s largest Buddhism prayer. Built in the late 1800 as King Mingon’s order, the pagoda consists more than 729 white towers containing stone steles carved with Buddhism prayer. Thus, it seems that the white is dominant color in the area. Besides, there are luscious jasmines and century-old trees for tourists to break a leg around the area

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