Talk of the most exotic and popular destinations of the world and

most people will agree that Greece deserves a mention. With more than 6000 islands and great

options for all kinds of tourists, Greece is all fun and happening. The best part is the fact that it

works for honeymooners and regular travelers alike, and that means you can even come here

with your family and enjoy the best as always. What does it take to enjoy this island nation?

Check these fast and smart tips, facts and info for better ideas and good planning.


The basic facts

Only 227 islands of Greece are inhabited by people, and yet the

options are more than many. Depending on where you want to head, you can choose the

largest island Crete or can travel to Santorini or Rhodes for a quick getaway without too many

people around. Euro is the official currency, and for tourist, Currency exchanges are available in

most of the big cities. Athens is the capital, and most international flights are bound for here.

Corfu, Rhodes and Heraklion also have airports. Traveling in Greece is best done with your own

car, and rental cars are available for the purpose.

Greece advised

Food and stay

Greece offers both high splurging choices and low end budget

hotels for visitors, although you will really have to struggle for the later. Make sure that you are

picking one of the good hotels, because enjoying the sea view is what any traveler will want to

enjoy. Basically, if you are a first time traveler, the best idea is to check with a professional

company or travel partner like for finding the right options.

As for food, Greek cuisine is perfectly indulging, and you will find seafood particularly

sumptuous. Turkish and Italian food is found in a number of restaurants, mainly in the cities.

Being one of the oldest wine manufacturing countries, Greece has some great local wines and

beers, which you might want to taste.


What to enjoy?

The big cities of Greece have amazing cultural and historical

appeal, and you will still find a place to party. That’s the kind of variance that makes this

country perfect for all visitors. Water sports are quite common here, and scuba diving,

snorkeling and fishing are some of the activities for tourists. Keep in mind that the weather in

Greece is better in summers, so the resorts are often booked to their maximum, which calls for

advance bookings. Taking a personal yacht and cruising along the blue waters with a meal at

one of the secluded villages is also an experience you don’t want to miss.

With so much on offer, Greece and its astounding islands demand

attention. With a good travel itinerary, you can cover most of the tourist places. Contact your

travel agent to know on saving tips for the interior traveling, and if time permits, make time for

spending a fortnight at a popular resort or indulging in the history of the country!

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