About 15 kilometers in the North East of Quy Nhon province, Hon Seo is one of the most potential islands to develop tourism in Vietnam. Because no one lives in the island, the place saves its beauty and wild. It is well known as favorite place for swimming and picnic.

Sightseeing and swimming

As being seen from the neighbor places, Hon Seo has an appearance of a gigantic boat coming to the land. From the land, you can hire a boat from tourism companies or ask a local people for a hitch-hiker. It takes about 20 minutes from Nhon Ly Island and 1 hour from Quy Nhon Habour.

The island is famous as home of large grass landfills between big colorful pieces of rock, many species of sea bird and ocean animals. Not far from the famous stone beach with round pieces of stone lies a stone cave on the foothill of the mountain. The cave is big enough to store more than one hundred people and become airy place for sightseeing and picnic. Also, visitors prefer to stay there to having lunch together after swimming or trekking.

Hon Seo is atoll so the sea water there is especially clear. You can easily notice the typical fish swimming between the coral reef and stones. Immersing in the cool water and watching the animals swimming would be unforgettable memory for anyone came here.

Going fishing in Hon Seo Island 1

Round and colorful stones are called gift from the ocean. Many visitors come here prefer having them as souvenirs

Going fishing in Hon Seo Island 2

Many visitors come to Hon Seo Island for trekking and swimming. Even the service is not various; the island is popular because of its clean and wild

Going fishing in Hon Seo Island 3

Hon Seo has a large stone beach with clean and blue water. It is available to swimming and scuba-diving

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Trekking and fishing

Hon Seo is constructed by many pieces of stone so to get to the top of the island, you have to struggle with them. However, you will never regret of your work once attempt to the top, breathing the ocean wind and look over the neighbor islands forming a big hand to embrace the ocean. The sunrise and sunset from the mountain are so awesome that you wish a second chance to see them.

Going fishing in Hon Seo Island 4

As recognized as fruit from the ocean, urchins have awesome taste while raw or well-cooked

Fishing can be the most interesting and unique activity there because of its traditional technique. The water is so clear that with a woody gad, you can come to the shallow water to get a fish! Also, there are many shells and urchins hiding below the stone so you can get a free and delicious meal with them. Urchins and shells are used to cook many traditional dishes that surprised the visitors.

On the near future, Hon Seo will offer multiply tour service as camping and BBQ to meet demand of increasing number of visitors.

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