Being voted in the list of 16 most beautiful lakes in the world by MSN, Ba Be Lake is a suitable destination for your vocation.

You should take 3 days to visit Ba Be , enjoy homestay and special dishes caught from the lake. The lake is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, 230 kilometers from Ha Noi. Local people call Ba Be lake “Slam Pé” ( means three lakes) because the lake is the convergence of three river flows Pe Lam, Pe Lu, Pe Leng.


 Romantic and wild scenery of the Ba Be Lake


How to go to the Ba Be Lake
From Ha Noi, you can drive motorbike or catch a coach to Bac Kan, then continue taking a bus to Cho Ra town and motorcycle taxi to the Bac Kan.
By coach
The coach to Bac Kan starts from My Dinh or Gia Lam station with the average price from 100.000 to 130.000 VND / trip By private car
You can follow the national highway 3 through Noi Bai, Soc Son to Thai Nguyen province. The road from Cho Ra town to the lake is quite narrow and zigzagging so you should take care.
By motorcycle
It is quite convenient for you to take the motorcycle to Ba Be Lake because you can not only take the trip to the Ba Be lake but also visit surrounding areas. You should check your vihicles in advance and avoid traveling in the evening.

How to travel in the lake

You can rent a boat to travel. If there are many people in your group, you can hire a big boat. If you are interested in adventuring, you can rent a piragua.

You also can explore the Ba Be lake from Na-Hang – Tuyen Quang by taking a boat from Na Hang to Ba Be within two or three days.

Cycling along the zigzaging roads or treking in primitive forest is also very interesting.

Piragua on the Ba Be lake
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Where to go
Ba Be Lake and Ba Be National Park: This is the largest lake in the Northern area of Vietnam that is surrounded by mountains and promitive forests.
Puong cave: with the length of 300 meters and the height of more than 30 meters. The cave consists of hundreds of stalactites with different colors and shapes and a flock of bat with tens of thousands bats.D
au Dang waterfall: the Nang river is deivided into small flows by hundreds of big stones, making majestic Dau Dang waterfall. The 1000m-long- fall with three stone steps creates a romantic and wild scenery of Ba Be.
Hua Ma cave: 6 kilometers far from the Ba Be Lake. Tourists need to climb up the stairs with the height of more than 300m. The cave consists of hundreds of stalactites with different colors and shapes.

Fairy pond: 100m far from the Ba Be Lake. The pond is full of water all year around and the surface is quite smooth. According to the legend, previously a fairy went to the earth and took a bath in this pond.

In addition, you can also visit other tourist destinations such as Phya Khao, Kim Hy, Fairy cave, Na Dang waterfall, Pac ngoi hamlet, Thac Gieng stream…and enjoy the love songs of the Tay ethnic group.

     Fairy pond

   Fairy pond
Where to take a rest

Today, tourists coming to Ba Be can experience homestay in the ethnic villages. There are about 10 households developing the accommodation service with the resonable price. You should experience homestay to enjoy pleasant atmosphere here.
Tourists aslo can stay at the hotel in Bac Kan town or guest house in Cho Ra.

Experiencing homestay in Ba Be

What to eat
Fish, shrimp from Ba Be Lake, forest vegetable, pig, sticky rice, bamboo shot are special dishes you should try when staying in Pac Ngoi village

Grilled fish – special dish in Ba Be


Bring warm clothes because it is quite cold in the early morning and late afternoon in Ba Be Lake

Use antimosquito cream

Prepare junk food and water because it’s hard to find shops in the village

Book accomodation in advance


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