LangBiang mountain is the legendary symbol of eternal love of the flower city – Dalat.

LangBiang mountain – Legend of eternal love 2

I. Overview

For a long time, Dalat became one of the most impressive destinations in tourists’ minds with its own beauty. It can be said that Dalat is haughty but familiar, simple but picturesque. Dalat is the homeland of romance and the evidence for numerous couples’ loves. Specifically, the love between Lang and Biang is the most beautiful love in this foggy land.

From the center of Dalat towards the North, far from the city about 15 kilometers in Lac Duong town, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong, tourists can catch a view of imposing mountain which is LangBiang. This mountain is cannot be forgot if any tourists take a tour around Dalat. More importantly, it is the typical feature when it comes to Dalat.

LangBiang mountain – Legend of eternal love 3

The foot of LangBiang mountain is where K’Ho ethnic group is living from generation to generation. A lot of cultural beauties with the great meaning is preserved and built on in the daily and spritual life of native people. In here, tourists can enjoy exchange programs such as lighting camping fire, drinking “ruou can” (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) with the ethnic people to listen to their stories relating to their cultures.

In addition, it should not be forgot to mention Tay Nguyen Gong culture recognized by UNESCO Vietnam as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible culture of humanity on November 15, 2005.

LangBiang mountain – Legend of eternal love 1

II. Legend of love

The name of LangBiang is attached to a legendary story of very beautiful love and deep faithfulness of the ethnic group. It is the love of K’Lang who is the son of chieftain of Lach tribe fell in love with the young woman named Biang, who is the daughter of chieftain of Chil tribe. They were in love with each other but because of the inherited hatred of two tribes, they cannot be together. At last, they fell into disgrace with the villagers and were attacked so they chose the dealth to keep their love.

LangBiang mountain – Legend of eternal love 4

After their death, father of Biang felt so regretful that he united all tribes including Lach, Chil and Sre into K’Ho ethnic group. Since then, young men and women of the community can freely loves one another without any forbiddance. The name of the mountain Lang and Biang used to live is taken from their surnames to commemorate their faithful love.

III. Little Dalat on the top of LangBiang mountain

LangBiang mountain has the heigh of over 2000 meters. From the mountain top, tourists can sightsee the overall view of Dalat city, Golden spring and Silver spring. If covered by clouds, they can enjoy a mysterious and poetic scene as if they are floating in the heaven.

Tourists can go up to the mountain top by two ways: riding a jeep or conquering the mountain by walking along shortcut through pine forests and local people’s houses.

At the top of Rada hill, there are a variety of food and drink services such as restaurants, coffee shops and other amusement services like eyeing Dalat through a binocular from the up or riding horses to take photos. Particularly, there are also flower park, statues of K’lang and Biang, souvenir shops and so on.

LangBiang mountain – Legend of eternal love 5

LangBiang is surely leaves the wonderful impression on all tourists taking a visit to Dalat – the flower city.

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