Your trip to Yen Bai is not perfect without going to Luc Yen Gem market. Luc Yen does not ony have the gemstone mine but also serve gemstone paintings with 40 large facilities (not mention to small producers)

Luc Yem gem market is taken place at beautiful corner of a lake in Yen The town within few hours everyday morning. Depending on the weather, the market starts sooner or later, but around 6:30 am. The sellers are present at the market. There are about thirty or forty stalls and all sellers are women who have become font of the market since it was formed.


The entrance of Luc Yen gem market
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This is the only place in Vietnam has gemstone painting craft. When visiting this place, you can see many precious paintings with the value of more than hundred milions VND.

The products are presented on the table with presious stones and semi-precious stone. Some were processed and some are still crude gems. However, in any shapes, the gems in this market are still sparkling. A gemstone seller said the gems are collected from the mountain, then processed into small gems that attached with rings, necklaces, earings…The things used for making gemstone paintings are sold with kilogram or tael.

                                       A corner of Luc Yen yem market

Each gem with different sizes and shapes was taken a look and evaluated by a connoisseur of gem. The price is depeneded on the quality of gem, maybe tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even milions, tens of milions.

Besides gem businessman, the artisan looking for materials also come to the market to find themselves good products. The market just lasts two or three hours.

                             Raw gems are processed by locals

According to a host of stall at the market, since early morning, hundreds of people in the town go to the forest to find gemstone. When the gemstone in the forest became rare, they had to go futher into the caves. Until now, even it’s hard to find the gemstone in the cave, they have used machines to dig deeply into the mountains, then have soil washed in the wood tubs to collect gem

If luckily, they can find sapphire, ruby gems ( big, transparent gems with beautiful color) with the value of hundreds milions. However, they just see colored stones or small gems of saphire, ruby can be used for making painting. Even they have to hike in the mountain for months to find suitable colored stones ( especially black stone to draw human hair or blue stone to make water color…)


A foreign visitor buying ruby


It takes 30 minutes to visit the place exploiting gemstone by the motorcycle. Unlike the golden mine, the gemstone ones are scattered throughout the forest and mountain. Locals here can exploit gemstone freely that leads to the birth of the Luc Yen gem market. This is also the address of providing raw materials for precious gemstone paintings. Tourists can join local residents in exploiting or picking up the gemstone.

                Precious gemstone paintings in Luc Yen is famous products

Nearly two decades after the red stone storm, Luc Yen still remains a valuable market. The Luc Yen gem market is still a source of raw materials enlivening the maket of gem and jewelry. All above, this is also the destination attracts both domoestic and foreign tourists to the Gemstone land of Luc Yen



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