Ly Son is a group of three high islands in the North of Quang Ngai Province, about 24.000 km from the land. During the last three years, it becomes popular for the Vietnamese youth because of the wild landscape and refresh environment.

What is the most attracting?

For tracking. Having typical characters of a high island, the main island of Ly Son group has wonderful place for tracking and sightseeing. Among the 5 volcano mountains, Thoi Loi is the highest and most beautiful one. On the top of the mountain, tourists can have a whole view of the village below. You can visit the natural lake, which formed during the work of volcano, and now is considered as an alternative source of fresh water for the residents.


Thoi Loi in the sunset.

Thoi Loi is the highest volcanic mountain among fives. On the top of the mountain, you can take the whole look of the below beach and villages. It is the most romance place to enjoy sunset on the island.

For swimming. Ly Son beach is one of the wildest and clearest beaches in the Middle of Vietnam. The water is not effected by waste so around the sea shelf, you can easily stare at the colorful gravel and tropical fish on the sea floor. It is the reason why you are highly recommended to take time to the experience the scuba diving here.


Crystal water in the rock beach around Ly Son.

For Sightseeing and experiencing culture. Ly Son is famous for ist green garlic fields, which cannot be found anywhere else. Stay there, you can experience the time from growing, harvesting and pre-processing garlics.


Farmer water garlic by the fresh water comes from volcano lake.


Natural arch look on garlic filed view.

Food. The most famous food there is garlic salad. Growing on the basalt with the bed of shells, the garlic there has so typical and unforgettable smell that is not only used as a spice but also a dish. Fresh garlic is cut into small pieces, steamed and mixed with lemon, peanut, pepper to make a combination of sour, hot and tasty salad is perfect couple with seafood.


Garlic salad – the most typical food on Ly Son, used to eat with main dish like seafood.

Other food can surprised you is Ly Son Fish Cake – a mixture of fresh crushed fish and garlic is form flat round cakes, and then fried to eat as a main dish or used for barbecue. The fish cake is fresh and typical by the combination with garlic, but limited in the amount. Beside, you can order other fresh seafood like fish, crab and shrimp.

When is the best time to travel?

As other place in the Middle of Vietnam, Ly Son is sunny almost of the year. However, the best time to travel and swim there is from June to September. From October to the next February, the island can be suffered by many tropical storms. If prefer to join some traditional festival, you are highly recommended to come there during April to meet the troops occupy on the Paracels.

What is the best way to stay there?

There is some hotel and motel around the island for tourists to stay overnight, with beautiful view. There is some address you can consider:

  • Dai Duong Hotel
  • Hoa Bien Hotel

For whom who would like to have experience of the life with residents, there are some homestay places with cheaper price. However, the service is less convenient than in hotel.

Besides, some tourists prefer bringing tents to take a night on the beach. It is too awesome experience to the peace by listening the wave and watching the stars that could not be forgotten.

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