March Festivals and Events

Zalun Pyi-Taw-Pyan Buddha Statue Festival


It was spoken among Myanmar people that after occupying the south part of Myanmar, British colonists found a Buddha Statue and wanted to melt it. Although trying every method, the statue was not melted and at the similar time, English Queen was sick. So they had to give the statue to its place. To remember the story, Myanmar people made a festival and called the statue Man Aung Myin Pyitawpyan (in Myanmar, it means “returned statue”).

Pindaya Shwe Oo Min Festival

It is a festival of six minority groups in Myanmar: Shan, Pa-O, Palaung, Taung Yoe, Intha, and Danu people, who live in Pyindaya region. During 5 days, local people build camps under the shadow of big banyan trees and visit Pyindaya cave, in which they have many worship activities in front of hundreds of Buddha statues. Thousands of local people in Myanmar itineraries travel by car or cow car to the cave. At night, they dance and make party around a fire.

Shwe Myat Hman Pagoda Festival

The festival takes place from 13th in Tabaung Month. Many Myanmar itineraries recommend the festival in Shwetaung Pagoda in Bago City. Bago is a famous place of many specialists and traditional handicrafts. Buddhists worldwide admire the unique Buddha Statue in Shwetaung Pagoda: the Buddha wearing golden glasses.

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Kekku Pagoda Festival


From 14th in Tabaung Month, visitors can visit an ancient pagoda in the south of Shan State names Kekku. Among 3.000 pagodas built in Yun Shan designed under the period of Bagan Kingdom, Kekku is the most ancient one. During 3 days of the festival, local people wear beautiful clothes and go to the pagoda at night to bring fruits and flowers to the Buddha. At the end of the festival, visitors can bring rice and food to 1.000 monks living in the pagoda to receive their blessing.

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most well-known golden pagodas to Myanmar itineraries. So the festival in Shwedagon attracts a huge number of visitors. At the middle week of Tabaung Month, there are many competitions to create the best saffron robes for 4 Buddha Statues in the pagoda. Monks pray while Buddhists worship every day in the week.

Panguni Utram Festival (festival of Tamil people)


In 15th Tabaung Month, visitors can join in a special festival in Sri Angata Eswari Muneswar Swamy Temple in Pelikha Village, Yangon. It is a big festival of Hinduisms in Myanmar. After walking on embers, the Hinduisms will walk through a lake of goat milk. Then, they apply turmeric powder on their foot. The festival attracts the attendance of thousands local and international Hinduisms.

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