Noong lake – a natural scenery of Vietnam

Noong Lake is located in Phu Linh commune, Vi Xuyen district, 23 kilometers far from the center of Ha Giang town. This is a potential destination for tourists who are interested in discovering the beauty, the peacefulness, the poetic scenery that the Creator has endowed Noong Lake.

Noong lake – a natural scenery of Vietnam 1

The poetic scenery of Noong Lake

The poetic lines of Noong Lake

The longstanding Noong Lake spread over Noong hamlet I and Noong hamlet II with the area of 36 ha. There are a lot of animals and plants living in the lake that contribute to the diversity of the Noong Lake.

The water supply source for Noong Lake is the groundwater of the stone cave from two mountains near the Noong Lake and three caves of groundwater connected to Lo river.

Noong lake – a natural scenery of Vietnam 2

Catching fish in Noong Lake

There are many kinds of fish living in Noong Lake. The fish grow and develop in a natural way to form a vivid population: carp, crucian carp, catfish, mudfish and bitter fish. The bitter fish is a particular species just living in Noong lake. The bitter fish live in herbs and the main food of bitter fish is moss, alga and plants living in the reservoir. The leave this kind of fish love to eat is soapberry ( called “Bầu mạy ẳn” by local people). When visiting Noong Lake, tourists can enjoy the delicious taste and the bitter of bitter fish with different kinds of process: baked fish, fried fish and fish cooked with sour soup. A special thing in processing bitter fish is that we don’t need to operate the fish.

Noong Lake is formed by two swamps: Pum Ang and Pum Yeu. Two swamps make a big lake with 2 meters thick layer of mud. And the lake never runs out of the water because of the groundwater resources from rock chinks of the mountain. In dry season, the water is stagnated in the swamps so the rest of lake is home for “ may ẳn” tree. This kind of tree is suitable to live in the flooded swamp and the root and hole of trees is shelter for the fish, especially catfish.

Noong lake – a natural scenery of Vietnam 3

Plants growing on the Noong lake

The local people said that there is a legend related to a deity frog living in the lake. According to the elders in the village, in August of the lunar year, the fishing festival is taken place in Noong Lake. The leaders of Phu Linh, Kim Thach, Linh Ho, Phuong Thien, Phuong Do, Dao Duc commune celebrate the festival for people in 6 communes joining in catching fish festival.

Noong lake – a natural scenery of Vietnam 4

Wild beauty of Noong Lake

Unique cultural features 

When visiting the village, tourists can experience the unique culture of the  ethnic minority groups : Tay, Giay, Dao, Ngan, Mong, Kinh of which The Tay people account for 60 %, discover spilt houses hidden behind the trees, terraced fields with brilliant yellow in ripe paddy season. Coming to Noong Lake in Phu Linh commune, tourists can not only feel the beauty of nature but also feel the affection of local resident here.

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