To Dien Bien nowadays, not only does tourists have a chance to enjoy specialties of Muong Thanh’s immense field, “rượu cần” (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes), visit legendary “General’s Forest” but also take a tour around Pa Khoang Lake, which is the extremely important irrigation construction of Dien Bien province. So far, this lake is compared to a beautiful fairy sleeping soundly in the forest.

Pa Khoang Lake – A fascinating beauty 1

  1. Favorable location:

Pa Khoang Lake is loacted in Muong Phuong Commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province. It is far from Dien Bien Phu city about 20 kilometers. It is near highway 279.

As a key line linking Dien Bien Phu city with Command Service of Dien Bien Phu – Muong Phang campaign of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Pa Khoang lake is regared as both a facilitator of relic centers and attractive ecotourismdestination of journey to the historical Dien Bien.

Pa Khoang Lake – A fascinating beauty 2

  1. Typical features luring visitors:

Around the lake, there is a diverse mixture of ethnic minorities living together in harmony with the mutually cultural integration such as Thai minority, Kho Mu and so on. However, these minorities still keep the peculiar customs and habits of the Northern West region.

The Lake has a lot of advantages for tourism activities such as diverse vegetation and terrain, temperate climate for . Under the lake, you can see a wide diversity of  fish and shallow flora (approximately 65 kinds of shallow plants, 14 kinds of shallow animals, 6 kinds of bottom fauna species…).

Pa Khoang Lake – A fascinating beauty 3

When it comes to Pa Khoang lake, many visitors can easily realize that it is among a picturesque natural area with the imposing and imporessive landscapes looming in the gigantic sky. Particularly, in winter, falling hazes creates a fanciful scenery with rolling mountain range and pretty houses. In summer, tourists can enjoy themselves with the comfortable atmosphere of cool wind slightly blowing into your skin. Therefore, recently, Pa Khoang lake ecotourism site has become the alluring destination for local people in weekends and the ideal choice for domestic and foreign tourists. All creates a pleasant and exquisite landscape tempting people’s hearts and minds.

It can be said that landscapes in Pa Khoang lake are truly beautiful and fanciful, especially in the sunrise with the sun rays of teh early morning shining through the mist and in the sunset with the violet of the lake and the mountains and the image of every flock of birds flying to their nests. How charming it is!

  1. Specialties and local people:

More importantly, when taking a tour to Pa Khoang lake, visitors can specialties of the North-western mountains and dishes from fresh fish and shrimp taken in the lake. For example, it is great combination for tourists to taste steamed sticky rice, bamboo-tube rice, skewers of grilled fish, smoked meat and drink a moulful of wine. After visiting, tourists can stay in motels or cultural tourism villages of Thai and Hmong minorities.

Tourists can feel the friendly and hospitable atmosphere among local people in Pa Khoang lake. In villages, they can have a good chance to know more about traditional cultural values when merging themselves in graceful dances, interesting stories and folk songs. Coming to Pa Khoang means that coming legendary stories about origin of minorities who were born in a dry gourd, singing a praise of community union.

In brief, Pa Khoang looks like a jasper adorning imposing landscape of the North-western mountains. It deserves to be an ideal destination for all domestica and foreign tourists.

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