Thai Nguyen City is one of well-known cities with many endless mountains, natural decoration with several famous and beautiful landscapes. Phoenix cave is one of them. It locates in the Phoenix mountain, Vo Nhai district and is far from central city about 45km following 1B highway (from Thai Nguyen to Lang Son). At the foothill, there is the Mo Ga stream. All of them are much beautiful sites in Thai Nguyen province with impressively natural landscapes and caves.


From the bottom looking up, the mountain is like two phoenix hugging each other. The reason for the name of “Phoenix” mountain is that according to ancient legend, on the mountain, there was a pair of phoenix living very happily and having two eggs. Each day, the father bird ravened after preying for the mother bird hatching up eggs. But on other day, following absorbedly a new bird, the father bird forgot the task and did not come back. On one day, he suddenly realized, he returned but the mother bird was turned into a stone. Feeling so regretful for his behavior, he lied in the mountain that was opposite to other to look forward to his wife back as normal but he was also turned into the stone. Since then, the mountain has been named “Phoenix”.

Going up to the entrance, visitors could see the whole of the landscape here. The cave consists of three levels: the upper floor is Bat cave, the middle is Light cave, the last one is Dark cave. The Light cave is large and airy, light of three main entrances shines on stalactites becoming sparkling and illusory. Standing in front of diversified stalactites, visitors unlimitedly imagine such as image of the mother carrying the child to field, ancient original people hunting animals or thousand-ton lantern… All of them also attract tourists.

Standing on the entrance to look down, visitors would see rice fields extending to the foothill far away. Looming alternately in the fog of foothill, there has houses on stilts of the Tay, Nung, San Diu, Dao and so on.


At the foothill, there has the Mo Ga stream. The gate is 10m width and the stream is flowing from the cave. To discover this stream in the cave, visitors should have flashlights. Nobody knows how many meters it is, but when traveling just 400 – 500m, tourists are absorbed charmingly. In front of the cave, there are many small waterfalls, shower stations, stone seats, stone islands where water is cool and landscape is charming. After sightseeing in the Phoenix mountain, tourists would stop a while at the stream and shower stations to wash hands and feet; especially, shower in hot summer days. Caves of each region also have specific beauty. Traveling to Phoenix cave, tourists would feel that characteristics.


Phoenix cave and Mo Ga stream are the sights relics ranked national level. Here is still not popular for tourism but there are also available services of accommodation. Visitors could stay overnight in a house on stilts to enjoy rice wine and traditional food of ethnic compatriot with unforgettably cultural features here.

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