Taken place one time a year, Khau Vai love market is a dating place of couples who failed to tie the knot in the past. In the early days, the market wasn’t crowded as now and there were some couples coming to the market.

Situated in a beautiful valley of Ha Giang, Khau Vai love market is surrounded by towering mountains, especially Ma Pi Leng peak wrapped with cloud all year around. The Khau Vai love market is also known as Phong Luu market which was formed in 1919.

Several unique features of Khau Vai love market 1

The Khau Vai love market bobbed in the clouds

The market has some changes at present when the curious tourists want to discover the market fair. That was accompanied with forms of trade but the fair wasn’t losed its unique features.

Several unique features of Khau Vai love market 2

Dating moments after the market fair

The legendary of love story

Originating from a sad end of a love story, Khau Vai love market is a dating place for couples who failed to tie the knot in the past. Celebrated one time a year in March 27th of the lunar calender, the couples come to this place to talk, tell each other about personal life, recall the feelings after a seperated time.

A special feature of the market is that many married couples come to the market together. Wives find their friends while husbands find his ones. They do not feel jealous but respect each other. They consider it as a sacred duty and responsibility about the spiritual life of their partners. Although Vietnamese people heighten the faithfulness in the family, the market is allowed to celebrate and absolutely agreed by participants. However, the dating moment is just taken place in the market fair. End of March 27th, the similar acts are considered as breaking the law. Those involved in Khau Vai love market are mainly couples of ethnic minority groups such as Tay, Nung, Giay from communes of Nam Ban, Niem Son, Tat Nga, Lung Pu, Son Vi, Thuong Phung…

Several unique features of Khau Vai love market 3

A performance of the ethnic people in the fair

Attractive features of the fair

The market fair attracts more and more tourists from domestic and foreign countries. Even many tourism companies are building private tours to Khau Vai love market that appeals to travelers. With the unique cultural triats, the market now is not only the dating place for couples who failed to tie a knot but also ideal destination for ethnic boys and girls who want to find their partners.

The market has been taken place for 100 years with two main parts : the ceremony part and the festival part. In the ceremony part, the local people worship offerings to their ancestors who exploited the Khau Vai land and honor the faithfulness of couples. After the cereremony part, the master declared to start the festival part with traditional activities of culture and sport.

Ha Giang is known as a poetic mountainous province with Dong Van plateau which has been recognized as a global geopark by UNESCO. Moreover, the mountainous province has many values of intangible culture and Khau Vai Love market is one of them

Tourists should try visiting Ha Giang on the occasion of Khau Vai love market to experience the unique culture of Ha Giang in particular and the beautiful cultural feature of Vietnamese people in general.

Several unique features of Khau Vai love market 4

Khau Vai market is always crowded

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