Angkor is a complex of urban architecture, temples on the ground of 40 km2. It was built from 9th-12th century. Although Angkor was destroyed by wars, it still preserved hundreds of unique temples which are considered one of the 7 World Wonders. In 1992, UNESCO recognized Angkor ruins the World Heritage Site.

Stunning Angkor ruins- the Wonder of legend 1

The overview of Angkor ruins

Perhaps the first destination of visitors to beautiful Cambodia is always mysterious Angkor ruins. It takes 7 km from the city to Angkor area. Sightseeing ticket costs $20 per one foreign visitor. The road from Siem Riep city to this relics is very close and beautiful with ancient trees along the sides.

Stunning Angkor ruins- the Wonder of legend 2

Beautiful Angkor ruins

No language and no emotion can describe the beauty and amazement of Angkor, unless you go and sightsee yourself. The architects from the 9th century together with the talented craftsmen had created a great architectural complex with 600 constructions scattering in a dense jungle area of 45 km2 wide.

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Angkor ruins

Angkor ruins complex has two main areas: Angkor Thom (big capital) and Angkor Wat (temple capital). Angkor Thom has the circumference of 12 km with 5 citadel gates surrounded by high walls and deep moat. Angkor Wat has the smaller circumference of approximately 5,6km but almost remains unharmed.

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Angkor ruins

The other important constructions is Bayon and Taprom. Bayon Temple give visitors the sense of flying. You will be completely conquered by the harmonious and vivid beauty. The temple consists of 50 stone towers. It is an architectural complex which was built follow the terraced style with 16 medium towers and small towers linking together.

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Bayon Temple

The center is a circular gold tower, 45 meters high. In the top of each tower, all 4 sides are smiling Buddha steles. The stone relieves at Bayon is to retell the legend of Buddha and they are chronicles of Cambodia people’s lives at Angkor era.

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Bayon Temple

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Taprom Temple is also known as the Tomb of Queen. In Taprom, many great works were covered by the ancient trees. You can see many strange but attractive shapes here. Here there is also a mysterious corridor. Going inside it, if you tapped hands on your chest, you will hear the beat being strongly echo through the walls.

Stunning Angkor ruins- the Wonder of legend 7

Taprom Temple

Taprom Temple was chosen by Hollywood as the setting for the famous movie ” Lara Croft Tomb Raider”. Many travelers want to go there because of their curiosity and want to discover the real scenery of the film.

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Taprom Temple

You can see the entire Angkor complex are the towers, monuments, reliefs and vast corridors which  are all made of stacked stones owning a very natural appearance, even in the top dome. All decoration patterns by stone such as Buddha statue, dancers, warriors and the lotus illustrating the Ramayana and Mahabharata epic are very vivid and smooth. 1,700 Apsara statues in Angkor are completely different dancers ones with great body, the expressions, postures, and body movements without duplication.

Stunning Angkor ruins- the Wonder of legend 9

Apsara dancers

It would be absolutely interesting if you can spend all day long at some corner in the corridor of Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple, sink in thoughts, watching the purple dragonflies hovering in the sky, or the elephants slowly walking around the ancient citadel. Or you can converse with the monks here or occupy a seat in front of Angkor Wat to enjoy the famous delicious Khmer food, especially the roast chicken and seafood.

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