Part 3. Food culture – smell of ocean


Being famous by sea service but noodle is one of the most favorite food in Mui Ne.

Quang noodle. The noodle is made in Quang Nam province with yellow noodle, slices of boiled pork, tomatoes and herbs. However, when comes to Phan Thiet, its taste is far more different. The noodle in Phan Thiet is put some seafood to the sauce so it has typical sweet taste.


Canh cake with fish balls

Canh cake. Called as cake but Canh cake is a kind of noodle with fish ball. The fish meat is blend and mixed with pepper, pork and some herb, then made round form of a ball and fried. The white and small noodle is put with sauce, fried fish balls and vegetable. You can try the dish in the restaurant in Kim Dong and Tran Hung Dao Street.


Vendor selling street food


Soft rolling cake. The coat of the cake is made from milled rice to form a very flat and round cake. Then it is rolled with eggs, carrots, mangoes and dry fish. The most restaurants of the cake is on Tran Hung Dao and Tam Bien Street.


Xeo cake

Xeo cake. The pork, fish is boiled and mixed with carrots, cucumber, eggs and spices to make the inner part. The outer is fried flour with ginger powder. The cake is famous as street food in Tuyen Quang Street.


Raw fish. Of course you should try raw fish once come to Phan Thiet. There are many fish are used, but Mai fish is the most famous one. The fish is only live in the warm water in Mui Ne so its sweet meat, when eaten with herb, lettuce, some peanut and mixed with fish sauce, is amazing!


Mai raw fish


Loi fish

Loi fish. Boiled oil is directly put on fresh fish so the fish is well done but still keep its typical smell. The dish is more attracted when eaten with herbs and peanut. It is one of the dishes should be in your wish list. You can try it in the restaurants in Pham Van Dong Street or near Ca Ty river.

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