Dau Tieng is far from Tay Ninh commune about 20km. It is the immense man-made lake from the irrigation construction and lasts in many communes and district of three provinces: Tay Ninh – Binh Duong – Binh Phuoc.


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With the area of more than 27.000ha and 1,5 billion m3 of water, Dau Tieng lake is ranked the third level after Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir with the capacity of 9 billion m3 and Thac Ba hydropower reservoir with 3 billion m3 of water. If only considering the irrigation lake, Dau Tieng is ranked the first on scale nationwide. It is not only has the capacity of providing water for hundreds thousand of farming land ha but also is an attractive tourism landscape.


Dau Tieng lake was built far from the residential area and well-managed so it’s water is pretty clean. On the sunny days, the lake surface reflects the blue color of the sky beautifully.

Moreover, the immensity of the lake will amaze many tourists. The cool winds, gentle sunlight and the bule water dispel tiredness and worries of tourists.

Besides, tourists can hear the voice of the tour guide presenting. Thanks to that, they can know more that previously, Dau Tieng was a part of Duong Minh Chau war zone, making great contribution to the victory of gaining independence and freedom of Vietnam.


In the lake, Xin island, Trang island and Dong Bo island is the spotlight of the picture of Dau Tieng. Tho hill is near to the primary forest on the bank of the lake is also the charming beauty in the panoramic landscape.

Around the lake is the green lawns mixing with a variety of trees and flowers in different colors. The nature is more vivid because of each hive of bees flying on the flowers and waves.


There is Ong pagoda on the Cau mountain. From here to look down, tourists will see that the scene of the lake is very gorgeous and splendid.

Dau Tieng reservoir is the great source to bring the soft water to the large region of the country. The main channel in the east has 45km in length, looking like a river running through many districts of the east of Tay Ninh to Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh city. The main channel in the west has 39km in lenth flowing through districts of the west in Tay Ninh with the system of I level channel whose length is 145km. In addition, Dau Tieng has thousands of channel of level II, III providing water for nearly 83.000ha of farming land and for the residential in the region.


With such large lake, many activities of sports and entertainment are held such as kinds of boats, motorboats with the high speed, surfing and so on. On the days of visiting the lake, tourists can take part in underwater sports or windsurfing and boat rowing.

In the near furture, Dau Tieng will be more and more beautiful and attractive in tourists’ eyes. Definitely, it will be the idea and meaningful destinations for all tourists when travelling to Tay Ninh.


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