Located in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district in the Northern moutainous provincce of Son La, Ang Hamlet with traditional stilt houses was hidden among green forest trees and winding streams. Taking part in the eco-tour of pine forest in Ang Hamlet, tourists will be very surprised with the beauty of 5 hectares- lake near 43 hectares – pine forest spreading feralit hill that forms stunning natural beauty.

The climate of Moc Chau Plateau seems to contribute to the magical scene of the lake in Ang hamlet. In the early morning, the lake is covered with a light mist layer. When the sun shows its light to the water surface, the lake seems to wear new clothes. At sunset, the mist comes back, bringing the cool air to help tourists feel peaceful and leave stress and worry behind. The scenery of lake is so beautiful on moonlit nights with the shades of pine trees reflected on the water surface, the whisper of pine forest and melodies of flutes performed by the monority ethnic men to call their lovers.

The natural beauty of Ang Hamlet 1

Ang Hamlet with the poetic pine forest

In spite of living near the town, Ang Hamlet people are really gentle and hospitable. They still keep traditional customs under the stilt houses: Xoe dancing, folk songs, festivals such as “ New Rice”, “ Het Cha”. When Ban flowers blooms in Northwest mountainous areas, The Thai ethnic group celebrate “ Het Cha” festival. “ Het Cha” is a form of spiritual and cutural activity to connect people in the Thai community, to prepare for a new harvest. This is also the occasion to worship Gods, parents and to pray for health, happiness, peaceful life.

The natural beauty of Ang Hamlet 2

“Het Cha” festival of the Thai people

The locals here still keep traditional crafts such as knitting, cotton cushion making and especially brocade weaving. The beautiful and hardworking Thai girls weave brocade products with different colors and diverse patterns such as Pieu scraft, Com shirt, handbags, curtain, table-cloth…

 The natural beauty of Ang Hamlet 3

An ethnic woman is weaving

Visiting Ang hamlet, visitors have interesting experiences when living with the Thai ethnic group, staying at traditonal stilt houses, sleeping in the cotton cushion and enjoy special dishes. From natural ingredients,  the locals here can create more than fifty different kinds of dishes such as Com Lam ( baboo-tube rice), Pa Pinh Top ( grilled fish), bacon, “ love sticky rice”, “ baboo-tube fish” and wild vegetables in forest…At night, tourists can take part in campfire burning and drink Can wine with locals.

The natural beauty of Ang Hamlet 4

Some special dishes in Ang hamlet

Annually, Ang Hamlet was chosen one of tourist destinations that attracts thousands of visitors. Here the locals reproduce “ Het Cha” festival, perform Xoe dancing, campfire, celebrate culture cuisine and display brocade, production tools…

Currently, the development of eco-tour to Ang hamlet has improved the standard living of the locals and preserved the traditonal values of the minority ethnic group. The resort is being planned with the size of 62 hectares that serves the needs of entertainment, travel and other services.

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