Belonging to Amarapura town, Mandalay, Taungthaman lake is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful lakes for sightseeing the sunset. Let’s have a luxury Myanmar trip to discover:

At 4pm, the sun is still high on the sky but lots of tourist cars taking the visitors to this area. Right near the lake, many local youngsters are submerge themselves under fishing water and cast nets no matter how cold it is. Beside some elders mending nets, some people are standing together around a fire pile to warm and dry the longyi dress after hours of being under the water.

With the near distance is the land of the lake bank for planting vegetables. In the further distance, the towers reflect their shadows on the lake surface which is quiet and then wavy because of small boats taking the tourists across the lake


The world’s longest wood-made bridge Teak across the Taungthaman lake gradually appears as a horizontal line connecting two green parts among the immense space. It can be said that it is the soul of famous water-color painting in the mysterious land of the south of Mandalay

Abundant Teak wood

U Bein (or U Bain) bridge is the symbol of connection as well as ancient, simple and persistent features in the suburb Mandalay. Thousands of pillars, boards and bridge borders were made from Teak wood without any nails. Mayor U Bein used the abundant teak woods in left ancient royal palace in Amarapura ancient city and built this bridge in 1850 after Mindon King left the capital city. There are many stops on the bridge with roof and seat for the walkers to rest in the bridge of 1.200 meters in length


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Some wood pillars are destroyed by white ants and time so they are replaced with concreted ones. However, due to the fame of international attention, the local authority considered to use teak wood that is a valuable natural resource in Myanmar to reinforce the bridge

The bridge currently allows the walkers and the vendors to go through to serve the tourists. The number of tourists walking through the bridge is as much as the number of local people walking through every day. It is impossible to know how many people visiting the bridge every day but there is one thing for sure is that any visitors traveling to Mandalay will never miss this well-known destination

Sunset on U Bein bridge


5 pm is the time the sunset starts covering an orchid color on the space and lake surface. Those who like sightseeing the sunset will gather around this area. Some stand on the bridge, some stand under the bridge foot or some hire a small boat to row to the middle of the lake to sightsee both the bridge and the sun

The photographers mainly stand under the bridge foot or on the boat to watch the bridge from the downside and enjoy the wonderful moments the sun gradually hide down after the wood stakes

Time for sunset often lasts 20 minutes so it seems that everyone is taking a light breath so as not to affect the quiet space for others sightseeing the sunset

Although it is famous for the most beautiful lake of sightseeing the sunset, the local people confirm that the space is also ideal for the dawn. A peaceful space is for a wonderful nature picture

Also, it is the favorite place for young couples who come there to enjoy the peaceful feelings together. Therefore, the bridge is called with the romantic name “Lovers’ Bridge”

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