As one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia often attracts an enormous number of tourists to the site per day, especially in the high season which is dry season in Cambodia. However, avoiding the crowds is still possible with these following tips.

If you visit Angkor for the first time, remember that this is not a temple complex, but a giant city with many temples in it. Many people only stick with the Angkor Wat and take an easy walk around Angkor Thom and that’s it. By doing this you missed lots of beautiful and less-visited attractions in the complex.


You should do some research and arrange your list of temples-to-be-visited in a chronological order instead of geographical order. By doing this, your visit will be more fascinating as you follow the history of the temples themselves.

Many people also pass by the statue of Vishnu, at the west of Angkor Wat, without paying attention to the meaning of the statue. To the locals, this is a sacred temple, as Vishnu is the greatest god of all in Hinduism. So you should take a few minutes to stop by and witness the locals paying tribute to their Supreme God.


Besides the giant trees swallowing ancient temples that captivate the curiosity of travelers, Ta Prohm hides many fascinating secrets to be found deep inside the dark pathways. And if you encounter a big group of travelers in Ta Prohm, you can find another way and visit Preah Khan not very far away.


You can eat lunch early than usual so when most people return to Siem Reap for their lunch, you will have time to explore in a less-crowded site.

But the smartest and most effective tip to avoid the crowd in Angkor is to wake up early so you are always steps ahead of thousands of other visitors arriving at 8 or 9 in the morning.


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