Vietnam is home of many delicious dishes from the dish of daily which often serves for fussy food service and royal festivals. Every region of the country had different dishes and meant creating separate identity of each ethnic group. It reflects the traditions and characteristics of each population living in each area.

Vietnam food - various and attractive with many cuisines of three regions 1

Various cuisines of Vietnamese – very attractive and delicious

So learn about the cuisine of some ethnic communities in Vietnam not only to know the characteristics of food through which to understand the religious, cultural and special features typical of each class residents.

Vietnam food - various and attractive with many cuisines of three regions 2

“Pho” – special cuisine of Vietnamese

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Northern Cuisine: cuisine tastes just right, not too warm, but there is colorful, bold and often not spicy, fatty, sweet, mainly using dilute fish sauce, shrimp paste. Hanoi is considered the essence of northern cuisine with delicious dishes like pho, bun thang, fried noodles, noodles, cereal Round Village, Thanh Tri-rolls and special spices like belostomatid oil.

Central Cuisine: The preferred central to the dish taste more intense, strong concentrations. Excellence demonstrated by special taste, much spicy food than the north and south. The color is a rich mix, brilliant, fond of red and brown. Cuisine Hue royal style royal cuisine is not only very spicy, very colorful, but also focuses on the amount of food, decoration items.

Southern Cuisine: Because influenced by Chinese cuisine, Cambodia, Thailand to the dish of the South in favor of sugar, spicy. Popular types of dried fish sauce colorful fish, salted fish. There are three ways rustic dishes, characteristics such as water voles terms coconut, steamed soya bats, cobra ground mung bean porridge , track, dirt road or street dates, cramps Propeller, grilled fish tactic.

Cuisines express the spirit of Vietnam

Culture in the spirit of the Vietnamese cuisine is an expression of beauty in cultural communication, the behavior between people of the meal, to please each other through gentlemanly behavior, education . The meals are the rules, practices, separate from himself, to the family, and the social relationships.

Inviting guests is to show the culture among people in society. When dining events, homeowners often make delicious dishes, cooked plenty to entertain them. Homeowners often invite guests to pick up food, avoid chopsticks before visitors stop, and an invitation to eat more when dining. Dinner set is not just fun but also the heart of hospitality characteristic of Vietnamese people.

Vietnam food - various and attractive with many cuisines of three regions 3

Cuisines for “Tet” holiday of Vietnamese

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