Thai Nguyen City was windy Capital – Northern Vietnamese war zone. It is the center point of 4 Northern bow limestone mountains as “Ha Long Bay on green field”. Here is covered by forest canopy, so the landscape becomes more mysterious, exotic, wild such as Phoenix cave, Past cavern, Mo Ga stream, Falling Rain waterfall or Khuon Tat seven-storey waterfall. All of them also are famous tourist areas.

The East of Thai Nguyen is bordered by the massive Tam Dao mountain, where the large Tam Dao National Forest is. Close to the foot of it, there is the charming tourist area named Nui Coc Lake with famous, fascinating and poetic beauty. Adjacent to Lake is the characteristic tea region, Tan Cuong with young green tea leaves. This makes visitors feel gentle flavor of tea somewhere. The variety of polymorphic forms, biodiversity is the major advantage of natural tourist resources in Thai Nguyen.

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  1. Spiritual and cultural space of Thai Nguyen

Traveling to Thai Nguyen is traveling to historical, spiritual and cultural space. In Thai Nguyen, there are 780 inventoried monuments including 12 archaeological monuments, 479 historical monuments, 16 architectural monuments, 225 religious monuments, 40 heritages. At present, there are 33 relics rated “Historic Cultural national level”. Duom Temple relic in Phu Luong is associated with the name of the hero Duong Tu Minh in Ly Dynasty. Van and Vo Mountain in Dai Tu is associated with celebrity Luu Nhan Chu in century XV. Group of historical relics about “Thai Nguyen Revolt against the French Colonialists Events in 1917” is made history of leaders Doi Can and Luong Ngoc Quyen.

  1. The origin of revolutionary history

Thai Nguyen was the source of revolutionary history of resistance against the French Colonialists period. Thai Nguyen was chosen to construct Safety Zone (ATK) by Central Party, Uncle Ho and Government because Thai Nguyen was the suitable area and decisively central position for revolution, where President Ho Chi Minh, Central Party agencies, Government and General Headquarters set to lead the whole people in resistance against the French Colonialists.

Today, these historical relics are preserved and embellished to become the strength of tourist potential. In the center of city, there has National Museum about “Culture of Vietnamese people” where introduces in a vivid way objective and intangible culture of 54 ethnic groups in the country.

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  1. The diverse mixture of Thai Nguyen culture

Traveling to Thai Nguyen, visitors would have good chances to find out about various cultures from architectural, culinary culture to traditional ceremony in temples and pagodas, weddings, funerals…of each ethnic group. When visiting Thai Nguyen in the early spring, visitors would join in many unique festivities such as Long Tong of the Tay, Nung in DinhHoa; ThanhNinh wrestling in Phu Binh; Duom Temple in Phu Luong…

Folk performance also is diversified, for example, the Tay, Nung people sing Then with Elasticity; the H’mong sing love and wedding song; the San Diu sing replied type among people who are not yet married…based on characteristic and flexible traditional dance.

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In addition, Thai Nguyen is also a developing economic and social center of highland and midland area. In recent years, socio-economic development is sustainable, political security and public order are kept stable and spiritual life of people is considerably improved. With the wealth of potentials and strengths of tourism, Thai Nguyen becomes one of the most attractive destinations to domestic and foreign tourists. This land is regarded as a beautiful picture with cool climate and hospitable people.

If you are interested in traveling to Thai Nguyen in the very near future, you will easily take a visit to Thai Nguyen by passenger cars to explore the typical features of culture and local people. And then, you will have a wonderful and unforgetable time in Thai Nguyen.

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