Take a flight to Yangon National Airport and then take a taxi to go to city center, visitors can go to Yangon – a unique city in the world. Many visitors choose Yangon in their tours to Myanmar because the special of the city.

If looking for a shopping center of famous brands, visitors should not choose Myanmar. But if you are looking for a peaceful place, which has many parks, lakes and pagodas for your tours to Myanmar, Yangon is the best choice. Yangon – the biggest city in Myanmar was also the ancient capital of the country.

Famous places to visit in Yangon by day

Shwedagon. Shwedagon is the so famous for tourism that every people should take a look at it. Stays at the top of a hill, Shwedagon Pagodas is recognized as National Treasure and Proud of Myanmar. One ticket to visit the pagoda costs 5 USD.


Shwedagon is a symbol of Buddhism in Myanmar

Thaketa Crocodile Farm. It is home of 200 individual crocodiles. Visitors can feel both of interesting and scaring while passing bridges through the river of opening mouths. Thaketa Crocofile Farm locates in Thaketa Industrial Center and a ticket to going inside costs 1 USD.

Drug Eradication Museum. Was built at the end of 1900s, Drug Eradication Museum is an alert to the residents to the harm of using drugs. It stays at the cross streets of Kyunthaw and Hanthawaddy in Kamayut town. It costs 3 USD for each person.

Promising places to visit at night

In the past, Yangon is a quite city. But now everything has changed. Bars and clubs are opened everywhere to meet demands of visitors.


Not only drinks, 19th Streets is a place of many street food.

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19th Street. Being noisy and bright, but 19th Street in Myanmar doesn’t make visitors bustling as bars in Bangkok or Hong Kong clubs, but a feeling of Myanmar. All of the bars in Myanmar have opened spaces, and some serve guests in their yards. 19th Street Bar is one of them. It is also the best place for visitors to try the most delicious fried fish in the city. 19th Street lies between Anawratha and Mahabandoola roads and it costs around 80 cents for a beer and 3.5 USD for a fish.

Vista Attic Bar. Stays near Shwedagon Pagoda, Vista Attic Bar has a wonderful view to the city. And among bar tours to Myanmar, it offers guests many drinks with reasonable price: 1.5 USD per beer cup and 3.5 USD per Whisky cup. Visitors can find the bar at 168 Shwegondline Street, Bahan, Yangon.


Vista Attic Bar

50th Street Bar. It is an ideal place to drink beer while watching football. Visitors can drink beer, eat pizza and enjoy the games with the cost from 4-10 USD. 50th Street Bar stays at 9/13 50th Street and it is favorite of not only visitors but also many local people.

Street pub. The pub is always noisy with local people and foreigners. Beer is cheap (around 60 cents/cup) and the atmosphere there is noisy and comfortable.

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